Attachment Theory John Bowlby

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Attachment Theory John Bowlby
1 Bowlby rejected view that babies as passive - noted how babies actively seeked interactions with others
1.1 from very first months babies look, reach, smile and make noises to draw people into communication
1.1.1 Up until 6 months babies actevely seek to establish relationships with people around them but after 6 months they are replaced by significant relationships. Phase 1. Birth to 2-3 months - pays attention to people Phase 2 3-6 months - more responsive to mother figure Phase 3 - 6 months to 2 yrs - follows mother, withdraws from strangers, less friendly to others Phase 4 - 2 plus - develops insight into mothers feelings, motives and plans
2 Secure and insecure attachments - research by Mary Ainsworth key collaborator with Bowlby
2.1 Secure realtionships - highly enjoyable mutally satisfying relationships - more sensitive to babies signals
2.2 Insecure relationships - muted and insecure
3 Attachment - Not just Mothers a scure attachment can be realised with the primary care giver.
3.1 different attachment figures are used by children in different ways - normally one or two dominate.
3.1.1 an attachment figure is a secure base Secure base from which to explore the world - Humans need to adapt to ever change world and situations , we need to interpret responces and what will happen next - Models in our minds - our first Model constructed in the mind is of his or her mother - enables the child to understand thier own self and the world around them and their place within it. Humans have an natural instint to explore the world around them, having a secure base in a good attachment enables the child to do this successfully with confidence to develop rather than feeling vulnerable.
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