An Inspector Calls- characters

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An Inspector Calls- characters
1 Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
1.1 Was a good person
1.1.1 Did not seek revenge
1.1.2 Tried to protect Eric after all he had done to her
1.1.3 Refused to take stolen money
1.2 had all of her jobs taken from her
1.2.1 Asked to leave Milwards because Sheila was angry
1.3 stood up for herself and was punished
1.3.1 Mr Birling kicked her out because she asked for decent wages
2 Sheila Birling
2.1 learns from the inspector and trys to change her ways
2.1.1 She is one of the only ones to understand that it isn't about whether the inspector was real or not they did those things
2.2 Takes the news of Eva/Daisy's death the hardest
2.2.1 She blames herself even after the inspector tells she was not the only one responsible
2.3 wise
2.3.1 she knows that the inspector knows everything
2.3.2 Suspects that Gerald was cheating on her.
3 Inspector Goole
3.1 is he real?
3.1.1 name sounds like ghoul
3.2 a figure of authority
3.2.1 He does not care that the Birlings are very high in the social circle
3.3 calm
3.3.1 mysterious good
4 Gerald Croft
4.1 Although he is young he behaves more like the elder Birlings
4.1.1 tries to protect himself rather than change himself
4.1.2 he tries the hardest to prove the inspector was a fake
4.2 His parents do not approve of his choice of bride
4.2.1 Sheila is a lower class than him
4.3 secretive
4.3.1 An aristocrat
5 Eric Birling
5.1 Not loved as much by the other characters in the play.
5.2 An alcholoic
5.2.1 A theif A coward A villian
5.3 Gives us an idea that he is hiding something
5.3.1 He keeps mentioning someone and then covering it up
5.3.2 He gets uneasy and defensive when the other men start joking about him getting up to something
5.3.3 Makes an excuse to leave when the Inspector starts his questioning
6 Mrs Birling
6.1 A good wife but a bad mother
6.1.1 Throughout the play she displays no affection towards her children clueless to what her children get up to
6.2 A snob
6.2.1 Cold-hearted Stubborn
6.3 She holds a higher status than her husband
7 Mr Birling
7.1 likes to control a situation
7.2 demanding
7.2.1 shallow greedy
7.3 successful business man
7.4 does not care to change his ways
7.4.1 wants to protect his own intrests believes that we are all seperate and that we should only look after ourselves
7.5 believes his way is the only right way
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