The Acidic Environment

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The Acidic Environment
1 Atmosphere and it's acidic oxides of carbon, nitrogen, & sulfur
1.1 Le Chateller's Principle
1.2 Formation and effects of acid rain
1.3 Water solubility of CO2 in water under varies conditions
1.4 Evidence of increasing atmospheric concentration of oxides
1.5 Relationship of these non-metals in the periodic table
1.6 Natural and Industrial sources of sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen
2 Indicators
2.1 Acidic, Neutral, Basic
2.2 Soil Testing
2.3 Indicators identify the range by change in colour
3 Acids in Food and Drink
3.1 Acids as proton donors
3.2 Identify pH as a ten fold change
3.3 Compare relative strengths using pH scale & differences
3.4 Identify Acids
3.4.1 Acetic
3.4.2 Citric
3.4.3 Hydrochloric
3.4.4 Sulfuric
4 Prevalence & Importance of Acids
4.1 Historical development
4.1.1 Lavoisier
4.1.2 Davy
4.1.3 Arrhenius
4.2 Bronsted-Lowry Theory of acids and bases
4.3 Titration and standard solutions
4.4 Acids and conjugate bases
4.5 Neutralisation is exothermic
5 Esterification
5.1 Differences between alkanol & alkanoic
5.2 Production, occurrence and uses of esters
5.2.1 The need for refluxing
5.3 Purpose of acids in esterification for catalysts
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