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This diagram show the basic things that a reader should look at in a story.

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1 Speaker
1.1 The voice that tells the story.
1.2 Also Known as the Narraotor
2 Occasion
2.1 Time & Place
2.2 Setting
2.3 The context prompted
2.4 Genre
3 Audience
3.1 The readers of the story
3.2 To whom the piece is directed to
4 Purpose
4.1 The reason behind the text
4.2 To Entertain, Persuade, Inform,etc.
5 Subject
5.1 Central Topic
5.2 Main Idea
6 Tone
6.1 Attitude of Author
6.1.1 Syntax sentence construction
6.1.2 Imagery 5 senses Figurative Language Metaphor Simile Alliteration Symbolism Personification
6.1.3 Diction word choice
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