The carbon cycle and Decomposition

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The carbon cycle and Decomposition
1 The whole thing is powered by photosynthesis
1.1 In photosynthesis plants convert the carbon from CO2 in the air into sugars.
1.1.1 Plants then incorporate this carbon into other carbohydrates & fats &proteins carbon compounds are passed through the animal and food chain through eating Both plants& animals respire when the organism is alive - releases CO2 back in the air Plants &animals eventually die &decay. they are then broken down by bacteria and fungi in the soil these decomposers release CO2 back into the air by respiration as they break down the material over millions of years, material from dead animals &plants turn into fossil fuels - coal and oil when fossil fuels are burnt CO2 is released back into the air
2 recycling carbon & other nutrients takes longer in waterlogged soils than in well-drained soils.
2.1 Bcuz bacteria & fungi that decompose organic material need oxygen to respire &produce energy.
2.1.1 waterlogged soils don't have much oxygen decomposers have less energy &work more slowly.
3 Nutrient recycling takes longer in acidic soil than in neutral.
3.1 bcuz extremes of pH slow down the reproduction of decomposers or kill them
4 Carbon is also recycled in the sea
4.1 species make shells made of carbonates
4.1.1 when the organisms die the shells fall to the ocean floor eventually forming limestone rocks the carbon in these rocks returns to the atmosphere as CO2 - when weathering takes place in rocks or during a volcanic explosion
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