Thermoregulation & Homeostasis

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Thermoregulation & Homeostasis
1 Controlled by the HYPOTHALAMUS in the brain
1.1 The HYPOTHALAMUS detects a change in temperature of the blood and reacts upon this change
2 Homeostasis
2.1 A process in the body which maintains conditions within certain limits
2.1.1 Controls Temperature CO2 Glucose Water Salts pH
2.2 Negative Feedback
2.2.1 The body ensures it stays within certain limits by reversing a change
2.2.2 Example The Body temperature goes above/ below 37^C The hypothalamus detects this change & starts the heating/cooling mechanisms until temperature is returned to normal
3 Body Temperature
3.1 If body temperature increases too much enzymes begun to denature
3.2 If body temperature decreases too much you can become unconsious or die
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