The Nervous System & Co-ordination

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Created by 9arush about 6 years ago
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The Nervous System & Co-ordination
1 The Nervous System consists of 2 parts
1.1 The Central Nervous System (CNS)
1.1.1 Brain & Spinal Cord
1.2 The Peripheral Nervous System
1.2.1 Nerves
1.3 It is composed of cells called neurons that can carry rapid electrical impulses
2 Structure of Neuron
2.1 specialised by being adapted to rapidly carry electrochemical changes from 1 part of the body to another
3 Types of neurons
3.1 Sensory
3.1.1 Conduct nerve impulses from a receptor to the CNS
3.2 Relay
3.2.1 Transmits impulses within the CNS
3.3 Motor
3.3.1 Conduct nerve impulses from the CNS to an effector such as a gland or muscle
4 Reflexes
4.1 Reflex arc
4.1.1 sensory neuron ->relay neuron -> motor neuroon
4.2 reflex action
4.2.1 reflex actions are automatic & rapid
4.2.2 the body bypasses the brain to create a quicker response

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