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Histology CMCC A & P 1 Lecture

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  1. The study of the normal structure of tissues
    1. Tissue:
      1. A group of structurally and functionally related cells & their ECM that perform a common function
        1. 2 basic components
          1. Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM)
            1. 2 Main Components
              1. Ground Substance
                1. Protein Fibers
                  1. Collagen Fibers
                    1. Elastic Fibers
                      1. Reticular Fibers
                        1. Interweave to form mesh
                          1. supports cells
                            1. spleen: help trap foreign substancds
                          2. stretch to 1.5 times their length - Distensibility
                            1. Return to resting - elasticity
                          3. resembles entwined pieces of steel cable
                            1. Appear White in tendons
                            2. Resistant to tension
                          4. 3 Families of Macromolecules
                            1. Ions
                              1. Water
                                1. nutrients
                                  1. ECF
                              2. Glycosaminoglycans (GAG's)
                                1. Proteoglycans
                                  1. Bottle Brush Shape
                                    1. ECM Firmer
                                      1. Barrier to Diffusion of Substances
                                  2. Glycoproteins
                                    1. Cell-adhesion molecules (CAM)
                                      1. Glue Cells to their place in ECM
                                        1. Glue cells to each other
                                    2. negative sugars in GAG attract Cations in ECM
                                      1. Creates concentration gradient that causes Osmosis of water out of the cell & blood vessels
                                        1. Water in ECM helps it resist compression
                                  3. 3 Functions
                                    1. provides strength to resist ensile and compressive forces
                                      1. holds cells in their proper place
                                        1. regulates miosis and survival of cells within a tissue
                                  4. Cells Related in Structure and function
                                  5. 4 Types of Tissues
                                    1. Epithelial Tissue
                                      1. Connective Tissue
                                        1. Nervous Tissue
                                          1. Muscle Tissue
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