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Just a quick enzyme mind-map. It's a summary of everything you need to know about enzymes for AQA AS Biology. It contains info that can probably be transferred to other exam boards too. This is simply my biology homework and I made it on here, I won't be adding anything to it or changing anything.

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1 Structure
1.1 Protein
1.2 Tertiary - Quaternary
1.2.1 Folded
1.3 3D, Globular
1.4 Specific
2 Factors
2.1 Temperature
2.1.1 Optimum temperature Temperature enzyme works most efficiently at
2.1.2 Too cold Slower rate of reaction Less energy
2.1.3 Too hot Denaturing Temperature causes H bonds to seperate Chain becomes unfolded Active site changes shape
2.2 PH
2.2.1 Optimum PH
2.2.2 Too high PH (alkaline) Slower rate of reaction
2.2.3 Too low PH (acidic) H- ions and ionic bonds affected by H+ ions Denaturing
2.2.4 Measure of H ion concentration
2.3 Inhibition
2.3.1 Competitive Inhibitor has similar structure to substrate Competes for active site of the enzyme
2.3.2 Non competitive Inhibitor binds to site other than active site Causes conformational change
3 Models
3.1 Induced fit
3.1.1 Enzyme + substrate do not perfectly fit But structure is complementary Substrate binds to active site Causes conformational change Enzyme "moulds" around substrate Enzyme catalyses reaction
3.2 Lock and Key
3.2.1 Enzyme + substrate fit perfectly Structure is perfectly complementary Substrate binds to active site Enzyme catalyses reaction
4 Properties
4.1 Types
4.1.1 Builders Joins molecules together
4.1.2 Breakers Breaks molecules down
4.2 Biological catalysts
4.2.1 Speeds up reactions
4.3 Not used up during reaction
5 Examples
5.1 (Substrate)
5.1.1 Starch Maltose Lactose
5.2 (Product(s))
5.2.1 Maltose a glucose Glucose Galactose
5.3 (Enzyme)
5.3.1 Amylase Maltase Lactase
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