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1.1 Britain ruled about a three fifth of India from 1858 to 1947 during a period called Raj
1.2 The rest of the country was split up into states or principalities with which the British worked
1.3 Many Britons went to India to "serve" in different job
1.4 Many Indian people with the support of Gandhi came to feel that India should rule itself and therefore India gained independence in August 1947.
1.5 After independence, a split happened between the Hindus and the Muslims. Pakistan was created for the Muslim community. The split is known as the "Partition" .
1.6 Millions of people like Meena's father's family found themselves on the wrong side of the new frontiers. People tried to move to the right place and violence tended to erupt when the two groups met.
1.7 A small number of Indians (mainly doctors, businessmen and lawyers) established themselves in Britain when the Raj began. By the beginning of the 20th century poorer Indians gathered at British seaports.
1.8 After WW2 and Independence, they came in larger numbers from areas such as the Punjab where the Partition had been a problem. Many had professional qualifications but most were unskilled workers who came because of the work opportunities in factories. They could earn much better money in Britain.
1.9 Some migrants found that British people reacted badly to them, insulting them and accusing them of taking their jobs and they sometimes found that housing and social conditions were not as good as they had hoped. Some found the adjustment of moving form extended families very difficult.
2.1 In 1961, Meera Syal was born in Essington, a former mining village. Her parents had migrated here from India before she was born, in search of a better life.
2.2 Her father's family had been involved in fighting got Independence and had to flee their home of Lahore in Pakistan to Delhi in India.
2.3 Meera's grandfather from her mother's side marched from Amritsar to Jaito as a freedom fighter for which he was later honoured.
2.4 Meera sat the 11-plus and went to a girls' grammar school before going on to university where she studied English and Drama, graduating with a top degree.
3.1 Written paper which is 45 minutes long
3.2 25% of qualification
3.3 A02:10%; AO4:15%
3.4 Candidates respond to one question on one of the set texts. Passage-based questions, essay questions.
3.5 Characteristics of high achieving responses:
3.5.1 Focus on the question, referencing key words occasionally in the body of the response as well as in the opening paragraph
3.5.2 Illuminating references to the social, cultural and/or historical context
3.5.3 Illuminating references to related events in other parts of the novel (passage-based questions)
3.5.4 Effective use of embedded quotations
3.5.5 Use of direct quotations with attached comments tying the quote back into the point being made; often also back to the initial (topic) sentence of the paragraph (PEE structure)
3.5.6 Specific analysis of language (AO2). This could include the novel’s structure; the use of figurative language; the use of irony; reference to grammatical and graphic features (punctuation, sentence length, italics)

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