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Geological History by Kathryn Goto
  1. Bombaredment
    1. About 4 billion years ago the planets crashed into each other that scared the surface at the time; it is now not visible because of erosion,oceans, ect.
    2. Geological Time Scale
      1. A scale that helps scientist to help figure out the age of the Earth and when important dates happened.
      2. Layers of the Earth
        1. The different layers of the Earth from the inside out. Ex: the core is the innermost part of the Earth.
        2. Stratigraphy
          1. The order of which the archaeological remains lay.
          2. Fossil Record
            1. Fossils that have been grouped together and analyzed together.
            2. Relative Dating
              1. The scientific way of determining the relative date of something.
                1. Absolute Dating
                  1. The scientific way of dating something that is absolutley correct.
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