6 categories of disease

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the 6 categories of disease with definitions and 2 examples

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6 categories of disease
  1. deficiency-disease resulting from a lack of vitamins/ minerals in the diet or failure to absorb them from food
    1. scurvey
      1. rickets
      2. infectious- easily or readily spread an infection from one person to another
        1. influenza (flu)
          1. tuberculosis (TB)
          2. degenerative- gradual deterioration of organs and cells with loss of function over time
            1. coronary heart disease (CHD/CAD)
              1. osteoarthiristus
              2. inherited- to receive a characteristic from ones parents through genetic transmission
                1. cystic fibrosis
                  1. red green colour blindness
                  2. mental- disease that can affect the intellectual and emotional well-being of someone
                    1. depression
                      1. bi-polar
                      2. social/lifestyle- disease caused by lifestyle or the environment around you
                        1. smoking related diseases (lung cancer)
                          1. chlamydia
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