Ch.1 - Climate change

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Chapter One: Climate changes: island life in a volatile world - Nigel Clark

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Ch.1 - Climate change
1 Tuvalu: 11.000 people living in atolls. South Pacific.
1.1 Risks disappearing in the ocean
1.1.1 Tuvalu holds the US and Australia responsible for climate change for not sticking and supportinig to the Kyoto Protocol which sets to reduce the emissions.
1.2 Joined the UN in 1999 to raise awareness on climate change
1.3 It sold its internet suffix .tv in order to raise money
1.4 Highest point is 4.5 m above sea level
2 Territory: an area or parcel of land
2.1 Outlined by borders, natural or man-made
2.1.1 Borders can divide or connect a territory. Borders divide territories but they also connect people that cross them and in Tuvalu's case to the rest of the world.
2.2 A pattern or weave of relationship bw elements composed by the relationship between the elements
3 Flows: movement of people or goods, migration
3.1 Flows move bw. territ, they help generate territories and destabilise them
3.2 Flows of goods amongs territories bring people together
3.2.1 flows of people and goods have generated territories for centuries
3.3 Environmental - Climate refugees are going to be a problem
4 Evidence that climate change is triggered by actions and people on other side of world
4.1 Young's responsibility theory, our actions affect others, even far away
4.1.1 We are connected to others by our actions to suffering and injustice
5 Climate change has happened in the past, and many geographers claim that the oceanic islands change and are precarious, but human induced climate change is very serious! (Nunn)
5.1 Medieval warm period AD 750 to 1250
5.2 Little Ice age Europe AD 1300 caused people to move and migrate.
5.3 AD 1300 Event. Global cooling made people relocate and migrate. Some islands disappeared and others were born, sea levels dropped.
6 Sea levels have changed drammatically over time
6.1 Climate change is also natural without human intervention
6.1.1 Speculation for islanders to migrate is long term climatic warming.
6.1.2 Some climate change deniers claim that it is not human induced but climate change fluctuates constantly, sea levels rise and lower and the current global warming is nothing out or the ordinary
7 Global warming and Global cooling
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