Consumer Protection Laws and Administration

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Consumer protection agencies and laws

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Consumer Protection Laws and Administration
1 Federal Trade Commission Established: 1914 Commissioners: 5
1.1 Consumer Credit: Credit advertising; Fair Credit Reporting Act; Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
1.2 Unfairness, Deception, and Fraud: Advertising; unfair or deceptive sales practices; identity theft.
1.3 Consumer Health and Safety: Privacy.
2 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Federal Reserve Board) Established: 2010 Director: 1
2.1 Consumer Credit: Credit advertising.
2.2 Unfairness, Deception, and Fraud: Consumer credit terms, including home mort- gages; education.
3 Food and Drug Administration (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Established: 1930 Commissioner: 1
3.1 Consumer Health and Safety: Labeling of food (except meat, poultry, and eggs), drugs, and cosmetics; adulterated food and cosmetics; approval of drugs and medical devices; tobacco; domes- tic and international product quality and safety.
4 U.S. Department of Agriculture Established: 1862
4.1 Consumer Health and Safety: Labeling of meat, poultry, and eggs; inspection of meat, poultry, and egg processing facilities.
5 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (U.S. Department of Transportation) Established: 1970 Administrator: 1
5.1 Consumer Health and Safety: Automobile safety standards; driver and highway safety.
6 Consumer Product Safety Commission Established: 1972 Commissioners: 3
6.1 Consumer Health and Safety : Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) protect consumers from risk of injury or death from prod- ucts such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals.
7 Consumer Product Safety Commission Established: 1972 Commissioners: 3
8 Federal Communications Commission Established: 1934 Commissioners: 5
8.1 Unfairness, Deception, and Fraud: Telemarketing.
8.2 Broadcast and Internet standards: Broadcast and Internet standards.
9 U.S. Postal Service Established: 1775 Reorganized: 1970
9.1 Unfairness, Deception, and Fraud: Sales practices.
10 Securities and Exchange Commission Established: 1934 Commissioners: 5
10.1 Unfairness, Deception, and Fraud: Securities fraud, insider trading, disclosure requirements, regulation of broker-dealers and exchanges.
11 Federal Reserve Board Established: 1913 Governors: 7
11.1 Consumer Credit: Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z); Consumer Leasing Act (Regulation M); Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B); Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E).
12 U.S. Department of Labor Established: 1913
12.1 Consumer Credit: Garnishment of wages.
13 Bankruptcy courts
13.1 Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy.
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