Tuck Everlasting: LanguageFeatures

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Use of language in Tuck Everlasting

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Tuck Everlasting: LanguageFeatures
1 Hyperbole:
1.1 "It was the hottest day yet, so heavy that the slightest exertion brought on a flood of perspiration."
2 Simile:
2.1 "If people knowed about the spring down there in Treegap, they'd all come running like pigs to slops."
3 Personification:
3.1 "Across the pond a bullfrog spoke a deep note of warning."
4 Figurative language:
4.1 "And that would have been a disaster so immense that this weary old earth, owned or not to its fiery core, would have trembled on its axis like a beetle on a pin.”
5 Foreshadowing
5.1 "I got a feeling this whole thing is going to come apart like wet bread."
6 Flashback
6.1 "I couldn't forget the tune or the family who didn't grow older. They haunted my dreams. So a few months ago I left home and started out to look for them."
7 Irony
7.1 "I am one hundred and four."

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