When or why do you use Passwords?


Lesson 3 of How you use E-safety.
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When or why do you use Passwords?
  1. Rember to make your password rememorable.
    1. passwords can keep your data safe.
      1. You should store your information like passwords in your phone.
        1. You can use a USB drives to protect your data
          1. It can also protect the computer and what goes inside it
            1. You can use passwords for emails, and websites and your own personal information.
              1. Passwords are to keep you safe.
                1. You use passwords so that you have your personal space.
                  1. The harder your password the harder the tracker will crack it
                    1. You should not reveal this to anyone else
                      1. This a secrect and should not be shared with anyone.
                        1. Mainly to protect others going into your space.
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