A mind map regarding secure passwords and how people can assume false identities .
Mishka Kalra
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Mishka Kalra
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  1. Passwords
    1. What you can do
      1. Change your password every 6 months
        1. Use the same password for everything
          1. Ensure your password is unique and difficult
            1. Use symbols
              1. Use numbers
                1. Make it long
                  1. Use a range of upper and lower case
                    1. Use spaces
                      1. Use patterns
                    2. What you cannot do
                      1. Don't make your password easy to guess
                        1. Name
                          1. Birthday
                            1. Likes and dislikes
                              1. Normal words (like pig)
                                1. Number sequences
                                2. Dont write it down
                                  1. Disclose passwords with others
                                  2. If someone found out your personal info
                                    1. Can Blackmail you
                                      1. Can assume your identity
                                        1. Can make payments with your account
                                          1. What you should do
                                            1. Report them
                                              1. Avoid talking to them
                                                1. Inform a trusted adult
                                                  1. Mum and dad
                                                    1. Teachers
                                                      1. Family Members
                                                        1. Child help centres
                                                          1. Childline
                                                          2. Police
                                                        2. Can access private info
                                                          1. Texts
                                                            1. Photos
                                                              1. Recent searches
                                                                1. Important Notes
                                                              2. What passwords are used for and types of them
                                                                1. Access to phones
                                                                  1. Access to accounts
                                                                    1. Biometric scan
                                                                      1. Face ID
                                                                        1. Retinal Scan
                                                                          1. Voice recognition
                                                                        2. Phising
                                                                          1. What is phising
                                                                            1. Definition: When people assume a false identity ( usually with popular companies) and ask for your confidential info.
                                                                              1. Do not disclose confidentials
                                                                                1. Never talk with the person who is phising
                                                                                  1. Tell a trusted adult immediately
                                                                                    1. Fake advertisments or links that are really viruses
                                                                                      1. You can identify phising by grammatical errors
                                                                                        1. Also identify if your name is no there
                                                                                          1. Report fishing
                                                                                          2. What you should do in this situtation
                                                                                            1. Call to confirm the sender of the email.
                                                                                              1. Inform a trusted adult
                                                                                                1. Block the person
                                                                                                  1. Look for signs that indicate the strangers identity
                                                                                                  2. It might say if the link is secure or not at the top
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