File Management

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A mind map about file management

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File Management
  1. What are files?
    1. To keep files organised, we use folders
      1. They are used to save research and work
        1. They are a part of data
          1. Whatever software you're using,files will still be stored
          2. Why is it needed?
            1. To help the user understand what type of file it is
              1. To make it easier to find documents
                1. To organise your files
                  1. To help the user organise the documents in a specific order
                  2. File Extensions
                    1. Without a file extension, the computer doesn't know what type of file it is
                      1. If you forget the file extension,the computer might not open it anymore
                        1. Files(at the end of their name ) have something called file extensions
                          1. This helps organising files
                          2. How to organise your files?
                            1. Keep downloads or loose documents into document files
                              1. While saving files on the desktop ,you could store it in files in your desktop and browser
                                1. Put files in folders
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