Biology F211 Cells Part 2

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Biology F211 Cells Part 2
1 Biological membranes - fluid boundaries
1.1 Roles of membranes
1.1.1 Separating cell contents from the outside environment
1.1.2 Separating cell components from the cell cyoplasm
1.1.3 Cell recognition and signalling
1.1.4 Holding the components of some metabolic pathways in place
1.1.5 Regulating the transport of materials into or out of cells
1.2 A phospholipid molecule has a hydrophillic head and a hydrophobic tail
1.2.1 These properties come from the way charges are distributed across the molecule
1.2.2 If phospholipid molecules are completely surrounded by water, a bilayer can form The basic structural component of all biological membranes
1.3 Specialisation of cell surface membranes
1.3.1 Plasma membranes of the cells in a growing shoot contain receptors that allow them to detect the molecules that regulate growth
1.3.2 Muscle cell membranes contain a large number of channels that allow rapid uptake of glucose to provide energy for muscle contraction
1.3.3 The internal membranes of chloroplasts contain chlorophyll and other molecules needed for photosynthesis
1.3.4 The plasma membranes of white blood cells contain special proteins that enable the cell to recognise foreign cells and particles
1.4 All membranes are permeable to water molecules because water molecules can diffuse through the bilayer
2 The fluid mosaic model
3 Communication and cell signalling
4 Crossing membranes 1 - passive processes
5 Crossing membranes 2 - active processes
6 Water is a special case
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