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Salem doesn't remember
  1. Anatomy of the Limbic system
    1. Physiology of memory and learning
      1. Intermediate long term memory
        1. Short-term memory
          1. Sensory memory
            1. Long term memory
            2. Acute delirium
              1. serious disturbance in mental abilities
                1. Causes
                  1. Certain medications or drug toxicity
                    1. Certain medical conditions (Stroke/ MI)
                      1. Metabolic imbalances
                        1. Chronic or terminal illness
                    2. Forgetfulness
                      1. Causes
                        1. Lack of sleep
                          1. Medications
                            1. Underactive thyroid
                              1. Alcohol
                                1. Alcohol messes with the hippocampus
                                  1. Alcohol affects the short therm memory
                              2. Dementia
                                1. Development of memory impairment and other cognitive deficits severe enough to decrease the person’s capacity to function at the previous level.
                                  1. Always related to injury of the CORTEX
                                    1. Causes
                                      1. Diabetes
                                        1. Ethanol
                                          1. Medication
                                            1. Infection and sepsis
                                              1. Slow Viruses
                                                1. Characteristics example
                                                  1. Shivering
                                                    1. Dementia
                                                      1. Paralysis
                                                        1. Loss of muscle tone
                                                        2. caused by conventional viruses
                                                          1. -Prions -SSPE -AIDS -PML
                                                    2. Types
                                                  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
                                                    1. irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills
                                                      1. Types
                                                        1. Mild Alzheimer’s
                                                          1. Moderate Alzheimer’s
                                                            1. Severe Alzheimer’s
                                                            2. Classification
                                                              1. Based on the Inflammatory Response
                                                                1. -Inflammatory -Non-Inflammatory -Cortical
                                                                2. Based on the Onset or Trigger Type
                                                                  1. -Early-Onset Alzheimer's -Late-Onset Alzheimer's
                                                                3. Risk genes
                                                                  1. APP
                                                                    1. Contributes to disease when gets cleaved by the enzyme
                                                                    2. PS-1
                                                                      1. PS-2
                                                                        1. APOE4
                                                                        2. Signs and symptoms
                                                                          1. Memory impairment
                                                                            1. Difficulty concentrating, planning or problem-solving
                                                                              1. Changes in mood
                                                                              2. Pathophysiology
                                                                                1. Investigations
                                                                                  1. Clinical criteria
                                                                                    1. MRI
                                                                                      1. Vascular pathology
                                                                                        1. EEG
                                                                                          1. Genetic testing
                                                                                        2. Management
                                                                                          1. Cholinesterase inhibitors
                                                                                            1. -Tacrine -Donepezil -Rivastigmine -Galantamine
                                                                                            2. NMDA antagonist
                                                                                              1. Memantine
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