Ovarian Cancer


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A'Ishah Browne
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A'Ishah Browne
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Ovarian Cancer
  1. Risk Factors
    1. Family history of one or more first-degree relatives with ovarian cancer, breast or colon cancer
      1. Personal history of breast or colon cancer and HNPCC
        1. Women who have never been pregnant (nulliparity), increasing age, high-fat diet, increased number of ovulatory cycles, HRT, and use of infertility drugs.
        2. Treatment and Management
          1. Surgery
            1. Chemotherapy
              1. Medication
              2. Clinical Manifestations
                1. Symptoms
                  1. Pelvic and abdominal pain
                    1. Bloating
                      1. Urinary urgency or frequency
                        1. Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
                        2. Signs
                          1. Increased abdominal girth
                            1. Unexplained weight loss or gain
                              1. Menstrual irregularities
                            2. Diagnostic Studies
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