2.3.1 Enthalpy Changes

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2.3.1 Enthalpy Changes
1 exothermic reaction
1.1 gives out heat
1.2 Delta H = -ve
1.3 temperature of surroundings ^^^
1.4 e.g combustion
2 Calculating enthalpy change directly
2.1 expt.
2.1.1 Q=MCAT
3 Calculating enthalpy changes indirectly
3.1 Combustion = arrows up
3.2 Formation = arrows down
4 Definitions
4.1 Activation energy = minimum energy req. to break bonds & initiate reaction
4.2 Standard conditions = 100 degrees 1 atmosphere
4.3 DeltaH of reaction = the enthalpy change when the products as specified in an equation react together under standard conditions
4.4 DeltaH of formation = The enthalpy change that occurs when one mole of a compound is formed from it's constituent elements in their standard states under standard conditions
4.5 DeltaH of Combustion = the enthalpy change when one mole of a substance reacts completely with 1 mole of oxygen under standard conditions
4.6 Average Bond Enthalpy = average enthalpy change that takes place when breaking by homiletic fission, 1 mole of a given type of bond in the molecules of a gaseous species
4.7 Hess's Law = states that if there is more than one route for a reaction and the initial and final conditions are the same then the total enthalpy change for each route is the same
5 Endothermic Reaction
5.1 Takes in heat
5.2 Delta H = +ve
5.3 Temp of surroundings = down
5.4 e.g Thermal decomposition
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