Qualitative Testing

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This mind map shows the result of chemical reactions that are used to identify if something is present in a substance.

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Qualitative Testing
1 carbon dioxide
1.1 white precipitate when a gas is bubbled through it
1.1.1 lime water
2 chloride ion
2.1 bromide ion
2.1.1 iodine ion yellow precipitate insoluble in concentrated ammonia
2.1.2 cream precipitate redissolves in concentrated ammonia Silver nitrate acidic+ammonia solution
2.2 white precipitate redissolves in dilute ammonia
3 calcium or magnesium ions
3.1 alimunium ion
3.1.1 copper cu2+ iron Fe3+ Fe2+ pale green precipitate eventually goes brown/orange Sodium hydroxide solution brown precipitate blue precipitate
3.1.2 white precipitate redissolves in excess sodium hydroxide
4 flame test using nichrome wire with nitric acid
4.1 brick red
4.1.1 calcium
4.2 crimson
4.2.1 lithium
4.3 lilac
4.3.1 potassium
4.4 green
4.4.1 Barium
4.5 yellow/orange
4.5.1 sodium
5 carboxylic acid
5.1 fruity smell of ester on warming
5.1.1 alcohol+conc H2SO4
6 water
6.1 blue to pink
6.1.1 cobalt chloride solid or paper
6.2 white to blue
6.2.1 copper sulphate
7 alcohol
7.1 fruity smell of an ester on warming
7.1.1 carboxylic acid +conc H2SO4
8 sulphate
8.1 white precipitate insoluble in acid
8.1.1 barium chloride solution followed by a dilute hydroxide
9 carbon to carbon double bonds
9.1 decolourises
9.1.1 bromine water orange/brown
10 carbonate/hydrocarbon
10.1 effervescence giving out co2
10.1.1 hydrochloride, sulphuric or nitric acid
11 hydrogen gas
11.1 gives a pop
11.1.1 burning splint
12 carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas
12.1 goes out
12.1.1 burning splint
13 oxygen
13.1 relights
13.1.1 glowing splint
14 univeral indicator liquid/paper damp paper placed in a glass
14.1 red orange
14.1.1 acid pH 1-4
14.2 orange/ yellow
14.2.1 weak acid pH5/6
14.3 green
14.3.1 neutral pH7
14.4 blue
14.4.1 weak alkali pH 8/9
14.5 purple
14.5.1 strong alkali pH10-14
14.6 red
14.6.1 SO2 or HCL
14.7 blue/purple
14.7.1 ammonia
14.8 bleached white
14.8.1 chlorine CL2
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