5. Masculinity and Feminity

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5. Masculinity and Feminity
1 Femininity
1.1 Looking after others and preserving of the values is important
1.2 Social relationships are important
1.3 Both men and women may sensitive and be warm
1.4 Everyone is expected to be modest
1.5 The father and mother are equally responsible for feelings and facts in the family
1.6 Boys and girls choose the same subjects at school and at university
1.7 Conflicts are resolved by searching compromises and negotiate with another
1.8 Almost all Scandinavian countries are feminine characterized countries
2 Masculinity
2.1 Material success and money are important
2.2 Men should have much assertiveness and show high performance
2.3 Women are caring, sensible, modest and be warm
2.4 In the family, the mother is responsible for feelings and the father is responsible for facts
2.5 Boys and girls choose different subjects at school and at university
2.6 Conflicts are resolved by being discharged
2.7 Germany, USA, Japan and Austria are masculine characterized countries
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