Macroscopic Properties of Matter


a short summary on the macroscopic properties of matter
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Macroscopic Properties of Matter
  1. of Matter
    1. Names and formulae
      1. Metals
        1. Metalloids
          1. Non-metals
            1. Left usually 1st
              1. Right add suffix
                1. polyatomic ions (same ratio of elements have common name)
                  1. Positive ions 1st
                  2. Mixtures
                    1. Components not in fixed ratio Separated by physical means Components keep own properties
                      1. Homogenous
                        1. Components all in same state
                          1. Uniform composition
                            1. Cannot distinguish
                            2. Heterogenous
                              1. Components not in same state
                                1. Components distinguishable
                                  1. Non-uniform composition
                                2. Properties
                                  1. Pure substances
                                    1. Compounds
                                      1. ≤ 2 types of atoms
                                        1. Chemically bonded atoms
                                          1. Can only be broken down chemically
                                        2. Elements
                                          1. 1 type of atom
                                            1. Particles can't break down
                                            2. Only 1 type of particle
                                            3. What is matter?
                                              1. occupies space
                                                1. has mass
                                                  1. Solid, liquid & gas
                                                    1. small particles of periodic table determine reactivity and properties of substance
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