Private Sectors & NGOs' strategies to Fight Corruption

Gayanjalie Pabod
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Gayanjalie Pabod
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Mind Map on Private Sectors & NGOs' strategies to Fight Corruption, created by Gayanjalie Pabod on 09/11/2013.

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Private Sectors & NGOs' strategies to Fight Corruption
1 Within the organisation
1.1 Use of Information & Support System
1.1.1 Warning Systems
1.1.2 Whistleblower
1.1.3 Hot-line
1.2 Code of conduct
1.3 Training & Dissemination
1.4 Recruitment based on merit
1.5 Investigation and Sanction
2 External Co-operation
2.1 NGOs work with media groups, bloggers to increase public debate on disclosing corruption cases
2.2 Educating people about corruption and their right to information
2.3 Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) – World Economic Forum
2.3.1 Commitment by political and business leaders to combat corruption
2.4 Disclose financial statements
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