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Actus Reus
  1. A notion of a guilty act
    1. physicality of an act
    2. factual causation
      1. 'but for test'
        1. e.g: 'but for' D did ________, V wouldn't have ______
          1. R v Pagett (1983)
        2. legal causation
          1. prove that they were more than a minimal cause of death / injury
            1. D was more than a minimal cause o fV's death because of "______"
              1. R v Kimsey ( 1996)
            2. can be an omission or a comission
              1. omission is failure to do something to law requires
                1. in the Uk there is no good samaritan law
                  1. no requirement to help people
                2. comission is doing something the law prohibits
                3. involuntary acts
                  1. panic
                    1. intoxication
                      1. seizure
                        1. sneezing
                          1. stung
                            1. sleep walking
                            2. cardicnal principle: Actus non facit reum nisis mens sit rea
                              1. means no act is punishable unless it's performed with a criminal mind
                              2. novus actus intervenus
                                1. palpably wrong medical treatment or refusal
                                  1. from the victims own fear
                                    1. from an unreasonable reaction
                                    2. thin skull rule
                                      1. if V had illness that made them more vulnerable, D is still liable
                                        1. D must take V as they find them
                                      2. omissions
                                        1. failure to act
                                          1. dutys of care
                                            1. out of a special relationshio
                                              1. out of a contract (work)
                                                1. creation of a dangerous situation
                                                  1. assumption of care for another
                                                    1. an official position
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