(2) British Constitution

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A level Governing the UK - 2C (The Constitution) Mind Map on (2) British Constitution, created by Marcus Danvers on 09/11/2013.

Marcus  Danvers
Created by Marcus Danvers about 6 years ago
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(2) British Constitution
1 Uncodified
1.1 no single document in which most of the rules concerning the government of the country are brought together.
2 Unitary
2.1 Parliament, at Westminster makes laws for all parts of the UK. Parts of the UK may have powers devolved to them, however, all parts of the UK are subject to the legislative supremacy of parliament.
3 Flexible.
3.1 The constitution can be amended easily. Even drastic changes can be made by passing an Act of Parliament, though there is a developing custom that fundamental changes would probably require a referendum if they have not already been submitted to the electorate in a general election.

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