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A mindmap for Python Programming.

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  1. A programming language
    1. Algorithms are simple steps to instruct the program.
      1. Decomposition
        1. Breaking down a program into smaller steps.
        2. Programming
          1. Sequencing instructions
            1. One after the other
            2. Accuracy is important
              1. Sequence order is important.
              2. Python's development environment
                1. IDLE
                  1. Integrated Development Environment
                    1. Interactive Mode - seeing your results as you type, using the Shell Window
                      1. Script mode - saving the program and running it later, using the Editor Window
                  2. Variables
                    1. A location in memory where you can temporarily store data
                      1. Creating a variable
                        1. Can only contain numbers, letters and underscores
                          1. Cannot start with a number
                          2. Using a variable
                          3. Who is it used by?
                            1. NASA
                              1. Dropbox
                                1. Paint Shop Pro
                                  1. Google's Search Engine
                                    1. Civilisation 4 Computer Game
                                      1. CERN Large Hadron Collider Research
                                      2. print ("Hi Mister Penguin!") Press Enter, resulting in... Hi Mister Penguin!
                                        1. Syntax errors
                                          1. When you type the programming code wrong, it is a snytax error.
                                          2. Computer Bugs
                                            1. Error in the program
                                              1. De-bugging
                                                1. The way we solve the problem in the code, taking the error out if the code.
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