Chemistry- Rate Of Reaction Revision


rate of reaction revision also includes some hydrocarbon information
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Chemistry- Rate Of Reaction Revision
  1. rate of reaction
    1. factors
      1. frequency of collisions
        1. higher temperature
          1. more energy will move faster
            1. increased surface area
              1. increases frequency of collisions
                1. more of an exposed area
            2. higher pressure
              1. same amount of particles in a smaller area
            3. Tangent
              1. y/x
              2. higher concentration
                1. increase rate of reaction
                  1. more particles able to collide with others meaning a higher frequency of collision
                2. activation energy
                  1. energy needed to get a reaction started
                    1. high temperature?
                      1. provides reactants with activation energy
                      2. catalyst
                        1. increases the reaction rate by lowering the activation energy for a reaction.
                    2. hydro-carbons
                      1. why?
                        1. only made from carbon and hydrogen
                        2. crude oil heated before?
                          1. why?
                            1. so it can evaporate to become a gas.
                          2. vapours?
                            1. cool down through condensing as it has different boiling points.
                              1. distillation
                                1. evaporation
                                  1. condensation
                              2. longer chains- smaller chains
                                1. why?
                                  1. higher demand for short chain
                                    1. more useful
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