The Happiest Refugee

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The Happiest Refugee
1 Chapter 1
1.1 Idea
1.1.1 Example Effect/Technique
1.1.2 1. Historical Context Opening Line: 'down town saigon is a tangle of bikes." "Up until 1975 when the communists took over." Metaphore for chaos, lack of political freedom makes sitch seem more realistic. 2. Struggles or Hardship "She keeps sprinting... desperate attempt...heart plummets." "The girl knows that people disapear for no reason." unchle get operation with no anathetic Stuggle to stay alive, dangerous place, lack of health care 3. Father Hero Ahns dad saves mum on the train, He dresses as a guard "Marches through the gates" Characterises father as a heroic, brave and risky figure
2 Chapter 2
2.1 Idea
2.1.1 Example Effect/Technique
2.1.2 1. Togetherness - work together an outcome can be achieved "...Several pairs of hands reached...", "When they all woke up to search for Loc" See them as one big family doing things to benifit each other 2. Danger of traveling on a boat "Lack of food and water", over exposier to sun, salt, sea, wind, pirates. Shows hardship family has to face, alot of imagry used.
3 Chapter 4
3.1 Idea
3.1.1 Example Effect/Technique
3.1.2 1. How smart his father is "Dad went and got a coat hanger...bent it out of shape... click, car was unlocked.", "Dad was always building a fence, making a shed or making an enclosure." "Dad has an amazing knack... playing with them for a few minutes." Characterises him to be a hero, hard worker and that he can do anything 2. Lessions he learnt as a child "I was very slow when it came to boy girl things", "He got Khoa and me to hold the stearing wheel...leaver the boulder...out of our way" Hes Naieve, Part of his journey- shown as being young and innocent- hasnt had that turning point, selection of detail shows hes cleaver 3. How optimistic their family is concidering their history "Theirs only two times in life, now or to late", "Dads looking at buying a farm, the sewing business has prospered." Motivational, build a life for them selfes, optimictic- moving forward and looking for better life.
4 Chapter 5
4.1 Idea
4.1.1 Example Effect/Technique
4.1.2 1. Importance of family "She was an important part of my up bringing", "I sat next to her and cheered her on" States in first sentence how important family is, all very supportive of each other 2. Value a good education "My parents believe in giving us kids as good education as as they can afford", "Holy schmoly...expencive things... No Problem", "Late night sewing till 3am...give their children a better life" Will do anything for their kids to get a good education, parents are self sacrafising 3. Blending into an Aussie culture "Crack open a can of VB", "Maccas happy meal to celebrate", "Put her feet up and sing Kareokee" Even though Ahns gran is full vietnamese the aussie culture is rubbing off on him, provided through his diologe and quotes.
5 Chapter 6
5.1 Idea
5.1.1 Example Effect/Technique
5.1.2 1. Power - loss of respect and authority "You loose respect for him and authority in general", "When you break through having fear of your father, and willing to do anything to hurt him" Heroic figure isn't their anymore, no longer a role model and hero and his "You can do anything" motto is gone 2. Loss of thrust and friendship "Losing trust of his brother was crippling for him", "..They were both trying to kill each other on the kitchen floor" his family was most important in the beginning and this is the start of Tam going down hill after the loss of his brothers 3. Bad luck and fortune "Eventually everything sold at a massive loss", Self belief to addiction to risk taking", "theirs now and theirs to late" He's lost everything from the business to the farm, gives up and feels he cant go on any further, characterizes him as giving up and losing hope 4. Guilt and Blame "Guilt ate away at him", he couldn't do anything to save him brothers so he blames himself Dramatic change in Ahns dad, Tam. becomes a hypocrite and life becomes tough
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