Bluewater Developments

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Design Criteria for a Sustainable Home Design

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Bluewater Developments
1 User Centred Design
1.1 Social
1.1.1 Lifestyle Adventurous Relaxed
1.1.2 Entertainment Enjoy having guests Extra space to accomodate Entertaining and social areas Spare/ Guest rooms Large open spacious areas Deck overlooking esplanade
1.2 Economic
1.2.1 Socioeconomic status Young singles or couples Professional Occupation High income
1.2.2 Bugdet High budget limit Top quality structure and components Elegant/expensive fittings Limited budget restrictions High grade Construction
1.3 Aesthetics
1.3.1 Location Beach/Tropical theme pool or water feature
1.3.2 Materials Sustainable Recycled or re-used High grade Top quality Elegant fittings and finishings Suitable materials for surroundings Stainless and galvanised steel Glass windows and doors to look over surroundings
1.3.3 Colours & Textures Modern Blend into surroundings Natural colour scheme White/Beige/Creams Stylish Cooling light colours to reflect sun light Contrasting colours & textures light coloured rendered brick wall against green garden foliage
1.3.4 Features angles and obscure shapes angled walk-ways angled roof Eye catching elements retaining walls themed gardens Water features
1.4 Ergonomics
1.4.1 Useability Quality Components Room design/Features
1.4.2 Flow Physical Layout Interlinking rooms open area between kitchen and living area
2 Elements and Principles of Design
2.1 Space
2.1.1 Relatively small block size Well planned layout to effectively use all area Multi-storied Long narrow house shape High sloped roof to maximise air flow
3 Technologies
3.1 Graphical representations
3.1.1 Electronic renderings Use of appropriate program and drawing styles Effectiveness of renderings
3.1.2 Planning sketches
3.1.3 refinement sketches
4 Legal responsibilities
4.1 Building codes and standards
4.2 copywrite
4.2.1 All standards met in regards to any legal responsibilities
5 Project management
5.1 time period management
5.1.1 Gantt chart
6 Materials
6.1 Availability
6.1.1 ease of access to material
6.1.2 recommended use within project
6.2 Sustainability
6.2.1 Environmentally Friendly Recycled/ Reused or environmentally sustainable where possible
6.2.2 Durable Long lasting materials to suit sea side location
6.3 Aesthetics
6.3.1 Suit aesthetics of house
6.3.2 texture/ colour blend with surroundings
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