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If you don't behave as the REAL YOU and behave instead as the person you were taught to be, then symptoms and illness appear in the body to remind you to change your ways. Marion Jorgensen

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1 Illness brings you to your knees so that a change can take place
1.1 Look beyond the illness for healing
1.2 We block healing by feeling fear, anger, shame and guilt
2 Disease is loveless thinking materialised
2.1 Attacking disease, only makes it shout louder
3 Body cannot communicate through words or thoughts but through feelings, sensations and symptoms
3.1 Body sends subtle symptoms that something is up and that you are out of touch with your feelings
3.2 All symptoms have a meaning and purpose and healing comes about when we uncover that purpose
4 Symptoms are helpful messages that need understanding before they go away
4.1 Symptoms want a response
5 Connecting the symptoms to the situation and then uncover what needs to be done to stop the body's need to produce the symptom
5.1 it is important to understand the symptom before resisting it or get rid of it
5.1.1 Symptoms turn up or turn down depending on the emotions you express
6 Illness is the separation between your analytical, head mind and your body mind (the authentic you)
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