Live REAL*Live HAPPY Aligning your Personality (Ego) with who you REALLY are

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Start learning to behave like the REAL YOU rather than the person you were taught to be. Marion Jorgensen

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Live REAL*Live HAPPY Aligning your Personality (Ego) with who you REALLY are
1 Outside In Living (Fear & Fantasy World Thinking
1.1 Archetypes: People Pleaser, Perfectionist, Rescuer, Child, Victim, Addict, Saboteur
1.2 Feelings: Shame, Guilt, Anger, Depression, Sadness, Shyness, Self Loathing, Worry
1.3 Symptoms: Anxiety, Depression, Illness
1.4 Words: Should, Must, Have to
1.5 Life's greatest misunderstanding: Feelings of happiness come from the outside world
1.6 Connected to your Ego: Experiences and Beliefs
2 Inside Out Living (Real You Thinking)
2.1 Happy, Contented, Creative, Forgiving, Compassionate, Peaceful, Joyful, Grateful, Loving, Truthful, Honest, Clear Thinking, Passion & Purpose
2.2 Not connected to your Ego
2.3 Feelings (the ones above) come from inside you and are created from Free Will, Choice, Truth and Honesty
2.3.1 Understand & Manage Feelings (Understanding V Fear) Free Will, Choice by Honesty & Truth
3 Understanding how Thoughts are created
3.1 Perception and Thoughts
3.1.1 Feelings of Thoughts expressed in your body (include symptoms) Thoughts & Moods: (Fooling you into believing you have a problem Responding to Real You Thinking enables you to live a happy life
4 Internal Navigation System (Feelings)
5 NAVIGATING TO the Real You & away from fear
6 NAVIGATE AWAY & let go of negative thinking
7 Honest, Truthful Intention (Everything you throw out there causes an effect)

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