Weatherford collage

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Weatherford collage
  1. Texas
    1. I want to go to this collage because it has my furture career and its very cheap.
      1. Weatherford collage cost at least 7,673 to at least 16,152$.
        1. The school is known for athletics,student resources and veterens.
          1. i plan on attending collage when i graduate from high school right after
              1. Weatherford Texas
                1. I want to attend this school because it has my furture career and its cheap to go.
                  1. After high school
                    1. 7,673$ to 16,152$
                      1. They are known for student resources and veterns center
                        1. # 1 That there are lots of academics.
                          1. I will do vet science and other resources.
                          2. One major field is agruiculture.
                            1. I think im good because i try my hardest and i wanted to do this for a long time.
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