GCSE Geography Case Studies (OCR)


A summary of the various case studies that can be used in the GCSE Geography exam
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GCSE Geography Case Studies (OCR)
    1. China - One child policy
      1. Immigration
        1. UK North-South migration
          1. Poland-UK immigration
            1. Rochina-RIo - rural-urban migration
            2. Redevelopment
              1. London Docklands
                1. Greenwich Millenium ViIlage
              2. RIVERS & COASTS
                1. Flooding
                  1. Boscastle MEDC
                    1. Bangladesh LEDC
                      1. Place Specifics
                        1. Situated in Asia, surrounded by India
                          1. 140 million people live on the floodplains
                            1. Next to the delta of 3 main rivers: Ganges, Brahmaputra, Meghna
                            2. Causes
                              1. Melting snow on Himalayas in Summer
                                1. Silt in the rivers block the channel
                                  1. Deforestation in the Himalayas increase surface run-off
                                    1. Population increase meaning more land in urbanised
                                    2. Effects
                                      1. Social
                                        1. 22 million people made homeless
                                          1. Poisonous snakes in the water caused many deaths
                                            1. Death toll: 1,679
                                              1. No clean water leading to the spread of disease
                                                1. Emergency services couldn't reach the affected areas
                                                2. Economic
                                                  1. £3.9 billion in damage
                                                    1. £2billion lost in disrupted business
                                                    2. Environmental
                                                      1. Land became saturated causing the death of 2 million tonnes of plants/crops
                                                    3. Management/Responses
                                                      1. Long Term
                                                        1. Short Term
                                                    4. Coastal landforms
                                                      1. Blakeny Point spit
                                                        1. Hurst Castle erosion
                                                        2. Rivers
                                                          1. River Tees
                                                        3. SHOPPING PATTERNS & CHANGES
                                                          1. Metro Centre, Newcastle
                                                          2. NATURAL HAZARDS
                                                            1. Volcanoes
                                                              1. Earthquakes
                                                                1. Droughts
                                                                  1. Tropical Storms
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