Endocrine Glands

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the endocrine system

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Endocrine Glands
1 Hypothalmus
1.1 Command Center
1.1.1 Location- Brain
1.2 Cells: Nerve and Glandular
1.2.1 Neuron Function of cells: Receive Input from Autonomic System Feedback from body's self monitoring system
1.3 Information Processed:
1.3.1 Blood Pressure
1.3.2 Heart Rate
1.3.3 Body Temp
1.3.4 Blood Glucose
1.4 Regulatory Hormones Released (To Anterior Pituitary)
1.4.1 GHRH
1.4.2 GHIH
1.4.3 CRH
1.4.4 TRH
1.4.5 GnRH
1.4.6 PRH
1.4.7 PIH
1.5 ADH and Oxytocin direct to Pituitary
2 Pituitary
2.1 Location: Inferior to Hypothalmus
2.2 Thermostat for Hormone Glands
2.3 Hormones
2.3.1 Anterior GH All Cells ACTH Adrenal Cortex TSH Thyroid FSH Ovaries/Testes LH Ovaries/Testes Prolactin Mammary Glands
2.3.2 Posterior ADH KIdneys Oxytocin Uterus/Breasts
3 Thyroid
3.1 Location: Anterior Neck
3.2 Critical for Normal Metabolism
3.3 Hormones
3.3.1 T4 Release Triggered by TSH All Cells
3.3.2 T3 Release Triggered by TSH All Cells
3.3.3 Calcitonin Bone
4 Parathyroid
4.1 Location: Four Quads of Thyroid Gland
4.2 Hormone
4.2.1 PTH Bones, Intestines, Kidneys
5 Thymus
5.1 Location: Mediastinum
5.2 Hormones
5.2.1 Thymosin White Blood Cells
6 Pancreas
6.1 Retroperitoneal Space
6.2 99% Exocrine Glands
6.3 Islets of Langerhans (Endocrine)
6.3.1 Alpha Cells Glucagon All Cells
6.3.2 Beta Cells Insulin All Cells
6.3.3 Delta Cells Somatostatin Pancreatic Alpha and Beta Cells
6.3.4 F Cells Pancreatic Polypeptide Gallbladder, Pancreatic exocrine glands
7 Adrenal
7.1 Location: Superior Kidneys
7.2 Cells: Nerve and Glandular
7.3 Hormones
7.3.1 Cortex Glucocorticoid: Cortisol Most Cells Mineralcorticoids; Aldosterone Kidneys, Blood Estrogen Most Cells Progesterone Uterus Testosterone Most Cells
7.3.2 Medulla Epinephrine Muscle, Liver, Cardiovascular Norepinephrine Muscle, Liver, Cardiovascular
8 Gonads
8.1 Location: Gender Specific
8.2 Hormones
8.2.1 Estrogen Most Cells, Primary Female
8.2.2 Progesterone Uterus
8.2.3 Testosterone Most Cells, Primary Male
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