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1 Importance
1.1 Converts solar energy into chemical energy
1.2 Produces food(glucose) for plants
2 Other info
2.1 Occurs in chloroplasts
2.2 Only in daylight hours
2.3 Two chemical pathways
2.4 Requires energy from sun
3 First chemical pathway: Light-dependent reaction
3.1 Occurs in the grana
3.2 1) Chlorophyll embedded in the thylakoid membranes have their electron excited by the sun striking them
3.2.1 2)These high energy elcetrons are passed along a series of carrier molecules and their energy is used to make ATP from ADP 3) Water splits into H and O. O is released as a gas and the H is picked up by NADP and taken the next chemical reaction
4 Second chemical pathway: Light-independent reaction
4.1 Occurs in the stroma and also known as the Calvin cycle
4.2 1) CO2 and H enter a complex biochemical cycle. As they are passed around, extensive rearrangement occurs and glucose is formed.
4.2.1 2) Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are continuously fed into the cycle. 3) ATP (produced in the previous reaction) is used to run the cycle
5 Factors that affect the rate of the process are: temperature, light intensity and carbon dioxide concentration

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