Native American Tribes

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American History Social Studies (American History) Mind Map on Native American Tribes, created by Selam H on 09/16/2013.

Selam H
Created by Selam H about 6 years ago
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Native American Tribes
1 Great Plains
1.1 Lived in Tepees
1.1.1 Made of buffalo skin
1.2 (Men) Hunted Buffalo
1.2.1 Used bone for knives
1.2.2 Used meat for food
1.3 (Woman) Farmed
2 Great Basin/ Plateau
2.1 Gathered
2.1.1 Berries, Wild Onions, Carrots
2.2 Hunted
2.2.1 Deer and Rabbit
2.3 Clothing decorated with seeds and shells
3 Arctic & Subarctic
3.1 Nomadic Hunters
3.1.1 Fished and hunted on boat
3.1.2 Adapted to cold climate Wore seal skin clothes and two layer parkas
4 Southwest
4.1 Heat and lack of water made life difficult
4.2 Planted corn,beans,squash on mesas - high flat areas
4.2.1 Had to use irrigation
4.3 Houses made of adobe brick (sun baked)
5 Southeast
5.1 Yearly corn harvest to celebrate New Year
5.2 Pointed roof houses
5.2.1 Made of leaves
5.3 Central plaza had 2-12 mound builders
6 Northwest Coast
6.1 Villages located on islands/beaches
6.1.1 Abundance of food, surplus
6.1.2 Lived in shingle roof houses Made of cedar bark, had waterproof clothing
6.2 Hunted sea lions, seals, whales, halibut
7 Eastern Woodlands
7.1 Lived in wigwams and longhouses
7.2 Lived in farming communities
7.2.1 Cleared trees to make open space for farms
7.3 Tracked and hunted deer and beavers