3rd Parties

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What do they do?

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3rd Parties
1 What is a 3rd Party?
1.1 System Provider
1.1.1 Finance Finance Calculators Point of Sale Systems Wholesale Finance Systems Broker Systems
1.1.2 Fleet Quotation Systems Broker Websites Leasing/Fleet Management Remarketing Systems Rental Systems
1.1.3 Retail DMS Showroom Systems Web Companies Equity Parity Online Remarketing Finance Calculators Appraisal Systems Provenance Providers
1.1.4 OEM Web Companies Finance Calculators Equity Parity
1.1.5 Insurance Claim management
1.2 Use our data in their products
1.2.1 Current Values
1.2.2 Future Values
1.2.3 Vehicle Data
1.2.4 SMR
1.3 We have joint customers
1.4 Reseller
1.4.1 Commercial Agreement in place
1.4.2 Resells our data licences as part of product
1.4.3 Customer pays them for licence
1.4.4 Reports number of live licences each month
1.4.5 We invoice based on their reporting each month/quarter
1.5 Referrer
1.5.1 Our data integrated into their products
1.5.2 No commercial agreement with them - data supply contract only
1.5.3 We invoice customers directly
1.5.4 Reports number of customers using our data each quarter
2 Existing 3rd Parties
2.1 Contractual Position
2.1.1 NDA
2.1.2 Reseller Agreement
2.1.3 Data Supply Agreement
2.2 Accreditation Scheme
2.2.1 Worked with us for >12 months
2.2.2 Promote our data
2.2.3 Developing new products with our data
2.2.4 Work closely with us to develop new opportunities
2.2.5 Joint PR/Marketing
2.3 Operational Management
2.3.1 Resellers Commercial a/c manager Revenue sits on their RSF Chases monthly reports Day to day contact Informs 3rd party of customer's licence position Attends quarterly review meetings with 3rd Party RM SME for 3rd party
2.3.2 Referrers a/c Manager Informs 3rd party of customer's licence position SME for 3rd party Day to day contact
3 New 3rd Parties
3.1 NDA
3.2 Discussion about use of data
3.3 Set up with appropriate data
3.4 Ensure data access is acceptable
3.5 Agree commercials or licence required by customers
3.6 Contract Appropriately
4 Role of 3rd Party Relationship Manager
4.1 Manage strategic accounts directly
4.2 Work with commercial a/c managers to grow revenue from resellers
4.3 Manage contractual position with all 3rd parties
4.4 Work with PR/Marketing to regularly promote 3rd parties
4.5 Ensure 3rd parties are using most appropriate data within their products - promote use of new data
4.6 Manage Accreditation Scheme
4.7 Manage DVLA Process/Relationship
4.8 Manage FleetNet Relationship
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