Japan's ageing population

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A short mindmap with the causes, advantages, disadvantages and solutions to do with the Japan Case Study in the population topic of the GCSE Curriculum

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Japan's ageing population
1 Causes
1.1 Higher GDP
1.2 Healthy diet
1.3 Women having children at an older age
1.4 Strict Immigration Policies
1.5 Average age of marriage increasing
1.6 However, Falling Marriage Rates
1.7 Higher proportion of women in employment
1.8 210 doctors per 1000 people
1.9 Higher quality healthcare
2 Advantages
2.1 Older people can also help maintain cultures & religions by passing down knowledge
2.2 Older people have more time on their hands and can contribute to society
2.3 An ageing population may result in lower interest rates and lower inflation
2.4 Older people often have higher accumulated savings per head
2.5 The 'Grey Pound' or the 'Grey Boom' effect
2.6 Increase in technology designed to help the elderly
3 Disadvantages
3.1 The county's work-force decreases
3.2 Less economic growth
3.3 Increased demand to provide care homes and hospitals for the elderly
3.4 Stress put on families to take care of their elderly relatives
3.5 Healthcare more expensive
3.6 Worries about funding pensions
3.7 Major changes to previous laws, especially immigration
3.8 OLder people do not exactly have skills in technology which is important in modern day society
4 Solutions
4.1 Increase retirement age
4.2 Cut money to be spent on education
4.3 Bring in workers from abroad
4.4 Develop more technologies
4.5 Encourage child birth (e.g- Singapore)
4.6 Make people create private pensions
4.7 Encourage the younger generation to work in healthcare
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