Online Book Study: Literacy Is Not Enough

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Online Book Study: Literacy Is Not Enough
1 Course Description: In this course you will go beyond "why" education needs to change and focus on "how" to chance by identifying the 21st-century fluencies: solution, information
1.1 Develop unit plans that address traditional curiculum, including Common Core State Standards while cultivating 21st-century fluencies.
1.1.1 Examine how we currently teach students to learn and to think. Apply how does it need to change Anticipation Guide/Discussion ExamTime: MindMap
1.1.2 Explain what it means to be a facilitar of learning instead of a guardian of knowledge Socrative: Poll & Quiz Discussion Infographic Interview
1.2 Evlaue lesson plans that are effective in developing these fluencies in a classroom/learning management system .
1.2.1 Explain how developing long-term educational goals will benefit students and yourself. Tricider: Online Debate
1.2.2 Guide students with the 6Ds: Define, Discover, Dream, Deisgn, Deliver, and Debrief Written Reflection or Video Blog
1.3 Develop a personal learning community in order to share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.
1.3.1 Explain how the curriculum is an excellent place to start when creating lessons for 21st-century fluency Written Reflection or Video Blog Design a Unit Plan Encompassing 21st-century Fluencies Presentation Peer Feedback Project
1.3.2 TAG Team Project
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