English Writing 2 : 30 March 2020


Mind map with questions to guide students to write.
Noor Osman
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Noor Osman
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English Writing 2 : 30 March 2020
  1. Picture 1


    • 1. When did the incident happen? - Last Sunday morning. 2. Who is involved in the picture? - Mother 3. What was Mother doing? - Mother was roasting chicken  4. Why did Mother roast the chicken? - Mother roasted chicken for Aiman's birthday party.
    1. Picture 2


      • 1. What happened after that? - Mother had to buy fruits at the supermarket. 2. Who did Mother ask to help? - Mother asked Aina to help with the roasted chicken. 3. What was Aina doing? - Aina was talking on the phone.
      1. Picture 3


        • 1. What happened after that? -Mother went to the supermarket. 2. What happened after Mother went to the supermarket? - Aina continued talking to her best friend. 3. When did Aina smelled something? - After 30 minutes. 4. What did Aina smell? - Aina smelled a burning smell. 5. What did Aina do? Aina called for the fire station. 6. How long did the firemen take to arrive? - 10 minutes. 7. When did Mother return home? - Mother returned home after one hour. 8. What did Aina do? - Aina apologised to Mother for being careless.
        1. Sila click pada ikon nota yg besebelahan dengan paper clip untuk mendapatkan guiding questions.
          1. Based on the guiding questions, you can now write your story.
            1. Remember to write your story in the past tense/ past continuous tense Eg. was / were/ was roasting/ decided.
              1. You can send your completed story to edconsultancy2019@gmail.com
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