'Othello' - opposing ideas and images


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'Othello' - opposing ideas and images
  1. play take place in Venice
    1. Moves to Cyprus
      1. 3 out of 5 acts take place at night
        1. night is full of danger
          1. darkness and light
            1. night covers the truth
              1. othello's earlier speeches given in light
                1. later they take place in darkness
                  1. sense of openess
              2. Iago's activities associated with night
                1. Iago associated with Devil
                  1. later Othello associated with the devil
                    1. angel and devil
                      1. angel/devil contrast shows Iago's success
                        1. Othello begins to call Desdemona a devil
                        2. Desdemona associated with anger
                    2. deception
              3. heaven and hell
                1. through Iago's evil Othello descends into hell
                  1. "chaos is come again"
                  2. Othello begins in love
                    1. association with 'heaven'
                  3. black and white
                    1. black associated with the devil
                      1. Shakespeare reverses the idea
                      2. Desdemona
                        1. White
                          1. associated with purity
                            1. Iago wants to corrupt this
                        2. Othello
                          1. Iago's reference to Othello's blackness
                            1. racist
                              1. sexual stereotypes
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