Germany - Treaty of Versailles

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Germany - Treaty of Versailles
1 Territory
1.1 All Colonies Alsace-Lorraine Polish Corridor Saar
1.1.1 Many Germans become refugees families divided cultural changes
2 Agreed in 1919 by France, Britain and Germany
3 Ends WW1
4 Germany unhappy with the terms
5 Armaments
5.1 100,000 man army no tanks no planes no submarines 16,000 sailors and 6 battleships
5.1.1 Armaments industries out of business millions of soldiers unemployed armed men on streets
6 League of Nations
6.1 Germany not allowed to join
6.1.1 Germany unable to settle international disputes easily
7 War Guilt
7.1 Germany has to accept responsibility for starting WW1
7.1.1 Germans unhappy to take blame see themselves as victims, 4th country to enter WW1
8 Reparations
8.1 £6.6 billion payable to Britain France and Belgium
8.1.1 Germany unable to rebuild economy or change from wartime economy due to lack of funds
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