Being a good digital citizen

Carrick Flint
Mind Map by , created about 6 years ago

being a good digital citizen Mind Map on Being a good digital citizen, created by Carrick Flint on 09/19/2013.

Carrick Flint
Created by Carrick Flint about 6 years ago
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Being a good digital citizen
1 Do's
1.1 Keep your account private and only open to friends
1.2 Make timeline private to friends only
2 Dont's
2.1 Dont send mean messages
2.2 Dont add people you dont know
2.2.1 Dont report people for no reason Passwords make passwords compilcated Dont tell it Malware firewall trojan horse virus worm AVG
2.3 Dont share person information
2.4 Key words
2.4.1 Brute force
2.4.2 Password
2.4.3 networks
2.4.4 cyberbully
2.4.5 symbol
2.4.6 Digital footprint
3 Social networks
3.1 Facebook
3.2 Twitter
3.3 my space
4 Cyberbullying
4.1 Tell a friend
4.2 Dont delete it
4.3 Report it if it keeps happening
4.4 Change your number
5 Dont share where you live or your phone nuber on social networking sites because people will ring you and come to your house