How to be a good digital citizen

Alex Haynes
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Mind Map on How to be a good digital citizen, created by Alex Haynes on 09/19/2013.

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Alex Haynes
Created by Alex Haynes about 6 years ago
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How to be a good digital citizen
1 Social networking sites
1.1 Twitter
1.2 Facebook
1.3 Msn
1.4 My space
1.5 Whats app
2 Staying safe
2.1 Do's
2.1.1 Keep profile safe
2.1.2 Only accept people who you think are friends
2.2 Don'ts
2.2.1 Get flirty
2.2.2 Accept everyone
2.2.3 Give out private information
3 Consequences
3.1 Posotives
3.1.1 Nobody can invade your profile
3.2 Negatives
3.2.1 Strangers will know private things about you
4 Notes
4.1 Dont cyberbully others
4.2 Know people before you add them
4.3 Check privacy settings regularly
5 Cyberbullying
5.1 Dont tell strait away
5.2 Wait for it to happen for longer
5.3 Save your evidence
5.4 Ways to deal with cyberbullying
5.4.1 Change number
5.4.2 Block the cyberbully
5.4.3 Tell over a period of time
5.5 Concequences of cyberbullying
5.5.1 Bad Everybody has a digital footprint The police can track your phone
5.5.2 Good It can get sorted The police can help
6 Passwords
6.1 Change it every twice a year
6.2 Never share your password
6.3 Use a mix of letters,numbers and symbols
6.4 Password consequences
6.4.1 Good Having a mixed password will take hackers years to hack because a computer only runs through 1 instruction at a time
6.4.2 Bad
7 Keywords
7.1 Cyberbullying
7.2 Password
7.3 Social networking sites
7.4 Digital footprint
8 Malware
8.1 Always scan your network with an anti-virus
8.2 Don't trust email attachments
8.3 Check things that you are downloading
8.4 Make sure your anti virus is up-to-date