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1 Way to save energy
1.1 Solar power
1.2 wind power
1.3 wave power
2 How to make electricity in an fofssil fuel power station
2.1 1st burn fossil fuels
2.1.1 In nuclar this dosn't happen
2.2 2nd the heat, heats the water to create steam
2.3 3rd Steam turns a turbine
2.4 4th a coil spins around a magnet
2.5 5th makes elctricty
3 National grid
3.1 Carrys power to our homes
3.2 we recive 240v in our homes
3.3 from the genartor the energy steps up to 400,000v
3.4 Transformers
3.4.1 step up transformers Makes the voltage higher
3.4.2 Step down transformers Makes the voltage lower
4 How to calculate the cost of energy
4.1 Kw x h x Kwh
4.1.1 Kilo watts x hours x Kilo watts hours
4.2 Examples
4.2.1 Kw x h kwh = cost 15x1.5x10 = 22p
5 Watt is the unit of power
5.1 correct
6 Sorces of Energy
6.1 Renuable
6.2 Non renuable
6.2.1 Oil
6.2.2 coal
6.2.3 gas
7 Joke
8 Nuclar
8.1 Nuclar waste
8.1.1 3 types HLW ILW LLW
8.1.2 takes 100 years to decompose
8.2 Creates no green hous gasses
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