Natural Fibres

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An explanation of Natural fibres

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Natural Fibres
1 Are all short fibres except silk which is much longer and known as a filament fibre.
1.1 Staple fibres are a few centimeters long
1.2 Filament fibres can be up to 1KM long
2 They come from natural sources: plant or animals
2.1 Plants = cellulose based
2.1.1 Cotton Plant Cotton
2.1.2 Flax Plant Linen
2.2 Animal = protein based
2.2.1 Sheep Wool
2.2.2 Silk Worm Silk
3 After they have been collected (harvested) they are cleaned & straightened before being spun into yarn
4 These fibres come from renewable sources
4.1 Fibres are biodegradable and often recylable
4.1.1 Sustainable
5 These fibres are absorbant & strong
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