Synthetic Fibres

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A revision resource to help students with their learning and understanding of synthetic fibres.

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Synthetic Fibres
  1. Man Made fibres
    1. Made from Polymers - long chains of molecules
      1. Polymers are melted or dissolved in solution. This liquid is then forced through tiny holes & hardened to form filament fibres
        1. The filaments are stretched into yarn and wound onto spools
          1. Or chopped into staple lengths
      2. They either come from coal or oil
        1. Coal
          1. Nylon
          2. Oil
            1. Polyester
              1. Acrylic
                1. Elastane
                2. Non renewable source
                3. less susstainable
                  1. They can be given many different properties
                    1. In general: not very absorbent = difficult to dye, they can be changed by applying heat = permanent pleats
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